What We Do


Our team pivots to meet the needs of the community during times of disaster.


Nuestra Comunidad played a crucial role in communication during disasters and provided a huge response to the Kincade Fire in 2019. During this disaster, we worked at the evacuation centers. We personally took care of scheduling communication and coordinated bilingual volunteers to come in and assist the community.

As our community members arrived at the shelter, Alma Bowen-the founder, was there to update them on what was happening and assisted them in filling paperwork. In addition, we communicated and worked with other organizations to make sure needs were taken care of. We remained in contact with the local board of supervisors, whose area was being affected, to stay on top of the situation and relay vital information to the community.

Here is an article, 'Serving Up Hot Meals and Hope During Kincade Fire', written by Rachael Marlow of KQED, that highlights the work done by World Central Kitchen and Nuestra Comunidad.


At the beginning of this Covid-19 outbreak, Nuestra Comunidad partnered with Rebuild NorthBay. Immediately before we had the shelter in place orders, we launched a PSA campaign with Spanish language videos on COVID safety.

In April, the County of Sonoma Emergency Department contacted us and brought us on with the help of Julie Burns, a 30+ year professional translator, as a contractor to help them translate documents. These include shelter in place orders and content for the public, displayed on their website.

We continue to do English to Spanish translations for websites, orders, and communications that go out to the communities and produce Spanish language videos for COVID -19 related information.

Current Projects

  • Listos California Disaster Preparedness
  • COVID-19 Education & Outreach
  • Tailgate Training
  • Senior “ROPE” Preparedness Project
  • 9-1-1 Education in schools and community groups
  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Training Classes
  • Neighborhood Preparedness Groups

If you would like to learn more about any of our projects, please contact us at alma@nc707.org

Tailgate Training

Nuestra Comunidad reaches out to vulnerable populations like essential workers in various agriculture fields, such as vineyards and farms. We perform safety meetings and provide COVID -19 training for the crews. During these meetings, we provide information on how to stay safe during the pandemic, we also provide masks for the workers as well as enough masks for family members.

To inquire about Tailgate Training, please email alma@nc707.org



Listos California helps individuals, families and communities prepare for disasters like wildfires, earthquakes and floods. We also help Californians respond to COVID-19. When we all do our part, we keep more people safe.
For mor information visit: https://www.listoscalifornia.org/ To attend one of our LISTOS California Disaster Preparedness Webinars, please check our event page or visit our Facebook page @NC707 for more details.

"We have to change how people think, how people react and how people prepare."

  • Alma Bowen, Founder and Executive Director of Nuestra Comunidad

“We are all vulnerable,” Bowen said.
“That position that the gentleman was in… right now all of our compasses are spinning around without any direction.”

Read about Nuestra Comunidad and the work that we do in Sonoma Magazine.
This thought-provoking article was written by Julie Johnson and is worth reading.
Article, “The Anxious Season,” begins on page 82:

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